SipTelecom is specialized in communication: Computers, Internet, telephony, and marketing. We offer wide range of products and services in this arena.

Private label Internet telephony systems
Internet telephony systems tailor made for the client's needs. Integrates with his own CRM system

Consultancy and subcontracting jobs dealing with:

  1. Java, C++, Python, Perl, XML developments.
  2. Windows RTC clients and application developments.
  3. Jain-Nist SIP stack implementations.
  4. Sip-Communicator Based Java applications.
  5. Automated Functional testing for software quality assurance.
  6. Web Usability research for web site marketing optimization.

Automatic Test Bank Systems:

  1. Building large "Banks" of test to validate (software) systems.
  2. Using sophisticated Robot (RTB) capable of handling tenth of thousands of test per day.
  3. Dedicate machine that ensures that the Developed system is reliable and mature. It also increase the development rate of the software.

We supply courses in the followings:

  1. Web Usability
  2. Internet Marketing.
  3. Webmasters training.
  4. TCP/IP protocols stack.
  5. Internet telephony: (VOIP, SDP, SIP, RTC).
  6. SIP protocol.
  7. Teaching Internet entrepreneurs Internet technologies and building their businesses with them.